• Breathing and breath control

Breathing and breath control-Exercise content

Hello everyone, to make your voice more pleasant, welcome to Daily Voice, I am Teacher Kiki.

Today, I will bring you the correct breathing and breath control methods for singing. Firstly, we should sit straight on a chair with our backs, and then breathe with our mouth and nose, without shrugging our shoulders. Our entire abdomen feels stretched out.

During the practice, some students may not know what kind of state their abdomen is open. We can put our hands on our waist to feel it

Okay, now let's practice our first breath

Did you feel that during the second breath, the entire abdomen became increasingly swollen and stiff? If so, you did the right thing

Remember that when exhaling, the direction of the breath is slowly downward. Evenly exhale the breath in the direction of gravity. Remember not to exhale too quickly or too slowly, like this

There are two common mistakes to avoid when exhaling The entire abdomen becomes very loose, the air is not well controlled, and the voice will become very weak< Don't make it like this either. The throat actively exerted force, and while we were doing it, the entire neck was completely relaxed. Let's try again

If students feel some abdominal pain while doing it, it indicates that they have done the right thing and your abdomen is controlling your breath.

If it is not convenient to make a sound during regular practice, we can place our hand in front of our mouth, like this. We can determine whether the breath is evenly flowing out by the force of the impact on the palm when exhaling.

Here, Teacher Muki will teach you another method to practice breathing. Similarly, we will use the S sound, one long and five short, like this

Alright, after today's training, do you feel that correct breathing methods and breath control are easy? So if students persist in training, their voices will definitely be very beautiful.