• Mixed voice exercise(voice Ma)

Mixed voice exercise(voice Ma)-Exercise content

Firstly, we find the correct pronunciation of Ma Ma, and then we hold this action from low to high to achieve a smooth transition of the sound to the high pitch area.

Ma Ma

In this way, we can easily achieve a unified timbre of our voice from chest to head.

We should avoid such vocal methods, such as when it comes to high notes.

Ma Ma

It is not possible for our voices to become louder and louder just because they are getting higher, and our throats will become more and more forceful. This will disrupt a balanced state of our voice and make it difficult to achieve resonance. A smooth transition from chest sound to head sound is something we should avoid.

The practice of Ma Ma has an open reason, which can help us achieve a fusion of low to high sound resonance throughout the resonant cavity.

In this fusion process, we need to maintain the entire sound channel in an open state, especially at the position of the pharyngeal wall above the back of our mouth, where we need to have an outward opening movement, that is, the position of our small tongue and soft palate. This part needs to have an outward opening movement, so as to maintain our open sound and transition from the chest to the sound inside the head cavity.