• Head voice resonance -  balance exercise(voice Gu)

Head voice resonance -  balance exercise(voice Gu)-Exercise content

Next, let's talk about the second exercise of head resonance, Gu, Gu. This exercise can turn our humming sounds into a complete sound. First of all, let's hum and make a sound.

Then it becomes Gu, Gu, Gu again. In this way, we can form a complete sound in our head cavity resonance, and then we can bring it into the scale.

If you find the sound of the head sound, it will be very easy for you to pronounce the words' Gu ',' Gu ', and' Gu '. We should avoid using the following sound production methods.

< P>

This kind of sound is sung with the muscle strength outside the throat, and we should transition the sound to a new resonance space during the treble, which is our head voice rather than the previous true voice.