• Breathing flow control exercise(voice Fu)

Breathing flow control exercise(voice Fu)-Exercise content

Today, we will introduce the first part of our breath mobility training, the Fu Fu Fu sound exercise.

This exercise is mainly to help us learn the correct breathing movements. When we inhale, we can place our hands under our ribs, and when we inhale on both sides of the diaphragm, there will be a feeling of expansion, like a balloon filled with air.

When exhaling, we can use the feeling of expansion just now to contract and exhale, or we can use coughing to feel the force of the diaphragm. When blowing like this, we can use the contraction of the diaphragm to blow out the breath.

After you practice the diaphragm movement, we simultaneously apply the abdomen to contract the diaphragm and blow out the word 'Fu', and then we bring 'Fu' into our scale practice.

From low to high, our entire voice emits Fu Fu smoothly, allowing us to find a way to balance and support our breath. This way, we can master the basic usage of a breath, which is the main content of our first practice.