• Chest voice resonance exercise (voice Ba)

Chest voice resonance exercise (voice Ba)-Exercise content

Next, let's explain the second exercise of chest sound practice, Ba Ba. This exercise opens our entire oral cavity while stabilizing the oral position. Our dental crown is in an open state, and we can find the position of our jaw. It is located behind our big teeth at the earlobe position. When we open the dental crown, there is a concave movement. When we open the dental crown, The entire oral cavity has also been opened, and it opens in two directions: up and down. This way, our entire space will become spacious, and when we make a sound, it will become very round. Let's pronounce the word Ba Ba, and at this time, our oral space will be very spacious, and the sound will also be very full.

So let's bring Ba Ba into the scale.

In this exercise, we should pay attention to the following issues: our Ba sound must be sung upwards, with a pure vowel sound and no other words allowed to occur. We must maintain the accuracy and fullness of our vowels, and avoid pronouncing them as bao bao. This sound will sound outside of our throat, and we should not let the sound run out of our mouth. The sound will be very tight, and the throat will be forceful, This is a situation that we should avoid.