• Mixed voice exercise(voice Ney)

Mixed voice exercise(voice Ney)-Exercise content

In this class, we will explain the part of mixing practice

First of all, let's talk about the first practice of Ney Ney Ney. This practice can help our high pitched areas become very sturdy, and the entire vocal cord is in a well closed state, allowing us to maintain a unified resonance throughout our entire voice from chest to head, maintaining a penetrating force in our high pitched areas.

We need to pay attention to this exercise:

Firstly, there will be a one by one feature in our vocalization that allows us to easily reach the high pitch area of the sound, maintain it, and then bring it into scale practice.

Practice Ney Ney

So in Ney Ney's vocalization, we should pay attention to finding our voice in the direction of resonance in the head cavity, rather than Ney Ney maintaining an outward pulling force to make the sound very tight, and high pitched voices will encounter some difficulties. This is a movement that we should avoid.