• Breath stability exercise(lip trill)

Breath stability exercise(lip trill)-Exercise content

The second practice of breath is lip tremolo practice, which has many benefits.

Firstly, it can help us coordinate our breath and sound, allowing them to be coherent.

Secondly, it can help us warm up.

Thirdly, it can also help us achieve high and low connectivity of a sound region, and also help us expand our sound region.

So our lip tremolo is often placed at the beginning of our vocal practice to help everyone warm up. First, let's explain how to do the correct lip tremolo.

The first step is to use your index finger to press under your lips, then gently push forward to allow your lips to gently fit together, which is a relaxed state.

The second step is to use the diaphragm to contract and blow on your lips, allowing them to tremble,

In the third step of trembling, add a wave character to obtain the correct lip tremolo. Then, we can bring the lip tremolo into our scale practice, like this

Maintaining a smooth breath like this, maintaining the smoothness and balance of the entire lip vibrato from low to high, will result in a very smooth sound, which is very important for us to find a smooth sound when singing.

Lip tremolo, to avoid the following two errors: the first is excessive force, and the second is that the entire sound will leak. This is because your throat is too high and the vocal cords are not properly closed, both of which are incorrect ways of producing lip tremors. We should avoid Daily vocal exercises make singing as easy as speaking.