• Head voice resonance exercise(Humming)

Head voice resonance exercise(Humming)-Exercise content

The third part is the head vocal part of our head cavity resonance, so the training of the head vocal part is a sound training for our high pitched area. Only by opening up the space of our head cavity resonance can we find the position of our high pitched sound, and our high pitched area will be developed. We can use a humming training to help us find the space for sound resonance needed in the high pitched area.

Like this, our position in our nasal cavity, including the entire sinuses behind the nose, as well as the nasopharyngeal cavity, as well as the upper part of our soft palate, this oral cavity, and other parts, are collectively referred to as cephalic resonance.

Firstly, when we inhale, we can feel that it is empty inside. Then, when we come out, we put the sound into this space, and at this point, our head cavity resonates and we find it. Then, we bring the sound into the scale

This is our practice of humming music.